Welcome to Nino's Blog!!!

Warning!! Very Very Loud and NSFW Dialogue in Video do not Play in Public


Hi!!! I'm Nino, and you can find me on most platforms as either gronnblade or scorchrend. If we're talking about video games, you might see pub reject when the name doesn't get rejected. That's me!!!

I'll concern myself with how the blog looks at another date. Just check out how cool this shit is!!! Anywayze. Yeah.

For now this is mostly just an introductory thing of sorts, probably like how my carrd right now functions because:

  1. I unfortunately do not have the time to be doing this

About Me

So uhhh. A little introduction about myself! I'm Nino, any pronouns. I'm 17 (as of writing this), and I'm Filipino-Chinese. I like to draw and I like to talk. Um. I mostly do digital art, and I guess I dabble in music? I'm a big fan of video games.

Games I Like:

Yeah-ha wahaha-hoo

That's mostly it for now. When I learn how to make this look so obnoxious it's over for everyone.